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Communist Romania

The Beginnings

Eight days after the Romanian army drove the fascist out of Bucharest the Soviets entered the Romanian capital and claimed to have freed it. They pressed for the inclusion of the Communist Party (numbering at that time only some houndred members) in the new government, while non-communist leaders were eliminated / imprisoned. King Michael I was forced to abdicate in December 1947, went into exile and the People's Republic of Romania was declared. Beeing considered a defeated country, Romania lost several territories to the Soviets, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.

The early years of Communist rule were marked by several changes: introduction of collective farms, nationalization of all banks and businesses. Backed by the Soviet Union, Gheorghiu-Dej won the internal fight within the Communist partiy and became secretary general of the Romanian Communist Party and president of Romania. Though, his external policy showed a slow distancing towards the Sowiet Union, but towards international cooperation of any kind. After joining the Warsaw Treaty Organisation in 1955, Romania refused later to allow any kind of maneuvers on it's soil and limited its participation elsewhere within the alliance. Aswell, after initially offering shelter to the former exiled Hungarian premier Imre Nagy after the Hungarian revolution of 1956, Gheorghiu-Dej returned him to Budapest and continued an intens co-operation with Janos Kadar, the new Hungarian leader. Romania's government also took measures to allay domestic discontent by reducing investments in heavy industry, boosting output of consumer goods, decentralizing economic management, hiking wages and incentives, and instituting elements of worker management.

Collectivization was accelerated and was declared complete in 1962. After stepping back from the leadership of the communist party, it's presidenship was taken over by 4 persons, including Nicolae Ceausescu. Increasing the gap to the Soviet Union, 1965 Gheorghiu-Dej was called for orders to Moskow (under the pretext of medical examinations) and died there in mysterious circumstances.

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