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Democracy in Romania

Romania since 1989

Last days of December 1989 represented also the last days of Romanian communism. An anti-communist demonstration was organised in Timisoara. Ceausescu's manifestation in Bucharest to remember him standing against the Soviet Union in 1968 during the Prague invasion degenerated into an anti-communist demonstration which forced Ceausescu to flee Bucharest. He was could, put on trial and on December 25 th sentenced to death together with his wife Elena.

Power was immediately assumed by the Romanian Salvation Front. First free elections after over half a century took place in 1990 and brought former communist activist Ion Iliescu to presidency as well as several other communist leaders to the new formed parlament (2 chambers: Chamber of Deputies - 343 seats, Senate - 143 seats). In order to stop the manifestations of the "hooligan" students protesting against the rulership of ex-communists, president Ion Iliescu organised the "mineriades", calling miners from Valea Jiului who devastated the capital and indeed ended theese manifestations blodly.

1992 Ion Iliescu won another term as president being sustained by the nationalist and ex-communist parties. Several governments failed to stabilise the internal situation, corruption rose skyrocketing and inflation grew day by day. Inspide several organisatorical anti-corruption organisations (as the National Anti-Corruption Office) aswell as a democratic re-organisation of all sectors of Romanian life, even the Democratic Coalition of 1996 with elected president Emil Constantinescu failed several times and opened the path for a new presidential term of Ion Iliescu in 2000.

2002 Romania joined NATO and was accepted to join the EU in 2007, under several conditions of restructuring the industrial, administrative and political life and eliminating corruption. Elections of 2004 brought former navy officer, minister of transport and general mayor of Bucharest Traian Basescu to presidency and a start to a fundamental re-structuration of Romanian administration.

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