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In the Footsteps of Dracula


draculaA very interesting tour guiding you back to the 14th century, in a world of constant threads, wars, betrayels and struggles for power, but also in a world of myths and legends, some of them kept alive until today. Medieval cities and fortified castles offer the appropriate scenery for discovering the life of Vlad the Impeller and the legend of Dracula, the blood-thirsty Wallachian prince. From the real figure of Vlad, descendent of a long line of Romanian rulers, to the legendary Dracula, you will learn about his real life and deeds, visit the Princerly Courts where he used to rule (Targoviste and Bucharest), but also the castles related to his name - Poenari and Bran, and of course the places where everything started and ended: Sighisoara and Snagov Monastery. The tour will also bring you to cities like Sibiu, Brasov or Medias, cities inhabited by Dracula's worst enemies. Learning about the medieval legends of the blood drinking vampire you will understand why Bram Stocker's figure became one of the most feared but also intrigueing characters of world culture, comparable Jack the Ripper, Frankenstein or Rasputin. Eventually, we will never know exactly where reality stops and the legend beginns.

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