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Jewish Heritage in Romania

(9 days / 8 nights)

Most unknown to world history, there are several regions in Romania where Jewish communities were attested already in the 14th century. Other regions, especially the northern and far eastern part, used to have a Jewish majority (sometimes over 70% of the population). Well known is the fact that Elie Wiesel, Nobel prize nominee, comes from Romania, but who would have thought that famous actors like Lauren Bacall, Dustin Hoffmann or Johnny Weismüller find their origins also in Romania. This tour offers you the possibility to discover Jewish Romania starting with the Choral Temple in Bucharest, one of Europe's largest synagogues, up to Elie Wiesel's birth house at the border with the Ukraine and the synagogue of Iasi, first attested over 500 years ago. But most of all, you will discover Romania as a multicultural country where several minorities live together peacefully for centuries, though preserving their own culture and traditions.

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