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Medieval Romania

Saxon Peasant Fortifications, Castles and Romanian Orthodox Painted Monasteries (9 days / 8 nights)

The medieval period is characterized all over Europe as very rough, violent and ruled by wars. Like in the western world, also in Romania medieval rulers tried to make peace with God and thank Him for their successes by building churches and religious monuments. If the Occident tries to rise up to the sky with it's cathedrals, Romanians are rather characterized by the artistic nature of their small but imposing fortified churches and monasteries. In a land where wars and invasions of migrating populations were a common thing in the middle ages, one did not want to draw attention upon himself by building large and impressive or on the main connection roads. That is why you will find most of the medieval churches and monasteries in beautiful valleys surrounded by mountains. You will discover the similarities and differences between this kind of edifices in Transilvania and in Southern Bucovina. In the 13th century many of the villages with were recently foundated in Transilvania by the emigrated Saxons started to be fortified against the invasions of migrating populations. Big fortified cities like Sibiu or Brasov, fortified churches and peasant fortifications like Biertan, Harman or Prejmer will offer you a view of the different construction types of that time. Only very few centuries later, Moldavian rulers started the construction of fortified monasteries which had to defend the villagers against the same invaders: migrating Mongolian and Slavic tribes, as well as in front of the now very powerful Ottoman Empire. Most of this monasteries were build under the rule of Stephen the Great. Petru Rares started 1532 the exterior painting of this monasteries which are today well-known as they are included on UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List, recognizing this way their beauty and unique value and placing them among the immortal monuments of the world.

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