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The Classic City tour of Bucharest

5 hours

This tour offers you the possibility of discovering all facets of the Romanian capital. From the northern sector with it's imposing 19th century buildings to the blocs of flats of southern part build by Ceausescu. Highlights of the tour will be: the Newspaper house, the Arch of Triumph, the Old Town, the Patriarchal Cathedral, the Opera, the Athenaeum and many more. Entrances are included either at the Village Museum or at the People's Palace. The first offers you an excursion in the Romanian village, with it's typical houses and constructions, very nice displayed on the shore of Herastrau lake. The People's Palace houses today the Romanian parliament and was build by the last Romanian communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu as governmental building; he did not live to see it finished. Bucharest, or Little Paris, will reveal itself to you during the walk trough the old town.
The tour starts and ends at your hotel.

Thank you for travelling with us and hope you had an interesting trip.

Price / person: 25 euro / person

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