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The Very Best of Romania

(13 days / 12 nights)

Starting from the capital Bucharest up to the northern border with the Ukraine, covering almost all historical regions of Romania and also most of it's interesting and unique sites, this tour offers you a glance at the best what Romania can offer. Unesco Sites, Saxon Medieval Fortifications, Romanian Orthodox Churches, the Merry Cemetery and Jewish Synagogues - you will discover the diverse and complex character of Romanian culturure and go back in time up to the origins of the Romanians. Legends like the one of Dracula, the blood thursty Romanian who makes everyone scatter, or the legend of Manole, who sacrificed his belowed wife in order to build one of the most beautiful Romanian churches, will not be forgotten, as well as natural reserves unique in the world like the Red Lake Reservation and the Bicaz gorges. Finishing this tour, you will be very well able to say that you have indeed seen Romania.

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