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Bicaz Gorges and the Red Lake

The traveler who departs from Moldova towards Transilvania through the Carpathian mountains only has three connection routes available. And maybe the most picturesque is the one in the center. After not even 1 hour drive from Piatra Neamt westwards suddenly, the mountains block the street, if it would not be for a narrow passage which winds like a long snake through the valleys. The vertical cliffs are over 500feet high and sometimes two cars can not pass each other on the curves. Nature reveals it's true face wherever you might look. And after passing the Gorges, another spectacular sight awaits: the Red Lake. It is said that the daughter of a rich landlord from this area committed suicide along with the boy she loved, as her father did not allow them to marry. One might take a boat ride and paddle between the petrified trees or play with the wild geese on the lake. For those who love hiking this is a region where you could easily spend some days. Although you have to be warned that accommodation possibilities are rater rustic.

Who would think that so close to an industrialized city we could find such gorgeous and wild environment.

bicaz gorge

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