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one of the most beautiful fortified churches in Transylvania

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Maybe the finest fortified church of Transylvania is located in the remote village of Biertan. Build in 1522 on top of a hill, the church is surrounded by three snail-type rows of walls linked by a beautiful wood-covered staircase. The church itself has not bell tower, but two adjoining watch towers and three separate ones on the city walls. Due to this fact, the fortification was never conquered. It served as seat for the Lutheran bishop for over three hundred years (between 1572 and 1867) and the grave stones within the Bishop's Tower stand as proof for the enormous religious importance of this fortification.

Biertan was one of the three places in Europe where the medieval church permitted a divorce. Husbant and wife were "imprisoned" within a small cell, which could fit only one person and had to live there for three weeks. The story says, that only one couple still wanted to separate after this "treatement". The cell can be seen even today. Interesting is also the altar, which is the largest wing altar in Transylvania. On it's back, a large picture of a Bishop can be seen which was painted in Monalisa style. And let us not forget about the impressive sacristy door and it's closing mechanism. Nineteen iron bars block the entrance to this treasury. The closing mechanism build in 1515 is the first safe-door of the world and was awarded both 1899 and 1901 at the International Technical Fair in Budapest and Paris with the first prize.

In autum the village starts to relive for one week-end during the annual meeting of the Saxons from Transylvania. Their music and dances can be heard for miles. The rest of the year, peace covers the whole region, it's small houses, the farmers and their animals.

Biertan fortified church is a World Cultural Heritage Place.

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