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Horezu monastery

remarkable example of pure Romanian "Brancoveanu art"

Located in the middle of a picturesque valley, the monastery of Horezu is the most important monastic site of Wallachia. Foundated in 1690 by prince Constantin Brancoveanu, the compound presents a unitary and very beautiful artistic style which was preserved excellent throughout the centuries. This architectural style, which can be found at several other churches and monasteries in Wallachia, is the only true and original Romanian style and is called "Brancoveanu art", by the name of the ruler who, in a period of constant battles between the world powers of that time, put cultural development of the country above everything and made it the goal of his life. Horezu monastery is considered to be the masterpiece of this "Brancoveanu art", remarked especially for it's purity and architectural equilibrium, for the richness of carved decorations and the painted decorative elements.

The church dedicated to St. Constantine and Helen was painted under the guidance of the Greek artist Constantinos who founded the school of mural and icon painting of Horezu. Today, this painting school is considered to be one of the finest in the country and while walking through the village you can even buy "samples". The church paintings (including the votive painting) are remarkably well preserved, despite the numerous damages during the wars of the 18th century. Also very valuable are the original mobile inventory pieces with are preserved in an almost untouched state.

Being restored during the communist period, the monastery is today one of the favorite pilgrimage sites of Romania.

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