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Prejmer fortification

Another unique attraction is represented by the 13th century fortified church of the village Prejmer. With it's three rows of walls, the fortification is though totally different from her sister-fortification in Biertan. Located in plane land, the church does not impress so much. It is rather austere, showing a strong influence of the lutheranized Catholics who lived in the village. The defense walls are rather outstanding. An internal corridor goes round the fortification through the walls offering good shelter to the ones inside. Equipped with loop wholes, but also with toilets and kitchen, this corridor has several entrances to the housings of every family in the village, displayed on the inner side of the wall. This way, in case of a siege, the housings would also defend the fortification. Further on, the soldiers could move around the fortification very quick, blocking an incoming attack and not having to walk too much up to their beds for rest. Also astonishing is the medieval shotgun with 5 shots, a "grandmother" of the Russian Kalashnikov, which can still be seen while walking through the dark defense corridor.

Because the good state in which it was preserved and it's original structure, Prejmer fortification was included on UNESCO's list of World Cultural Heritage.

prejmer fortification prejmer fortification

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