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Princerly Church in Curtea de Arges

the oldest collection of frescoes in Wallachia

The city of Curtea de Arges used to be a very important city during the middle ages. It I the first capital of Wallachia, the new country foundated in the mid 14th century by Radu Negru, known also as Basarab I. Within his fortification, somewhere round the year 1340 he build the Princerly Church and decorated it with frescoes in 1384. The pure Byzantine style, the vivid and individualized characters on the walls offer us the oldest and richest collection of frescoes on Romanian ground. Several images are quite unique: St. Peter is crucified with his head down, Mother Mary is represented as a pregnant woman etc. For centuries, the Princerly Church of Curtea de Arges used to be the resting place for the ruler's families. The remains of St. Filofteia of Veliko Turnovo were also kept in this church over 500 years. It was only in the 19th century as the local monastery was build, enlarged and redecorated, as the importance of the medieval religious edifice blushed.

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