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Salt mine in Slanic Prahova

from labour work to spa

Slanic Prahova is a pretty small town but with a very long history in mining salt. The first statements of this activity in the region dates back to 1532, but specialists presume it's history is much older. Fact is that today one might visit in Slanic Prahova the Salt Mountains, artificial hills generated by the excavations of the salt mines, the Salt Museum and most important part of the Salt Mine itself. From the tree existing levels, the upper one was transformed into a spa. While descending into the ground, one can easily smell the salty air and see interesting shapes on the walls: combinations of salt and soil which were shifted in time due to the natural earth movement. This is the largest salt mine in Romania having over 150feet tall rooms. As it preserves a natural and constant environment, it is often used by athletes for training and by the Aeronautical Associations of the world for different competitions (with small, wooden, remote operated airplanes). In 2003 negotiations started with a German company to build a hotel within the salt mine, but noting was decided until now.

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