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Sucevita monastery

Sucevita monastery was build by metropolitan Gheorghe Movila in 1582. His brother became ruler of Moldova and made several donations to the monastery, because of which Sucevita became the richest and most important monastery in the 16th century in Moldova. Unique are the most impressive fortified defense walls: almost 20 feet high and up to 10 feet wide, with interior corridors, towers at the corner and an entrance tower, totalizing a perimeter of about 300x300square feet. On the northern side is the bell tower, where one might still listen to the original bells with the symbols of the Moldavian ruler. The monastery was plundered several times in the 16th and 17th century. The Habsburgs allowed the continuity of monastic life and during the 1954 restorations a new roof was constructed, identical to the original.

Sucevita is the last of the impressive monasteries with exterior frescoes from the 16th century and confirms all the details of the Moldavian architectural style. With admirable proportions, the monastery church has an entrance porch with wide arcades, unique for this type of construction, but very common for Wallachian churches.

The interior and exterior paintings were done between 1595 and 1606 by two brothers. In comparison to other Moldavian monasteries, in Sucevita the painters try to tell a story. This marks the last stage of Moldavian church-painting. The big difference to the other monasteries is the representation of Jesses leader on the north fašade as well as the burning bush and the protecting Madonna on the southern side, instead of the traditional Siege on Constantinople.

The monastery museum has besides the ones of Putna and Dragomirna, some of the richest collections on medieval material: printings, writings, books, miniatures, silvery, embroidery, etc.

sucevita monastery sucevita monastery

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